From 07/06/2015 to 07/10/2015

Campus de la Doua, CPE LYON - Rue Victor Grignard 69100 Villeurbanne


The search for new reactions that are economical in terms of atoms, steps required, energy used and waste produced, and that are also more efficient and more selective, while involving safer reagents, is a major thrust for today’s chemistry laboratories. Catalysis plays an essential role in the orientation of these new chemical reactions and leads to many new developments. For these reasons, catalysis training sessions of the highest possible calibre are of fundamental importance. Since 2013, we are hosting a catalysis training course on the Doua scientific campus, in nearby Villeurbanne, aimed at young researchers who are beginning their career in the domain of catalysis.

Catalysis is a recent science that has undergone great developments since the 1950s, with many tools that have been invented since that time to better understand the mechanisms that govern catalytic reactions. This catalysis school will present these developments and new methodologies that make it possible to carry out high quality research in catalysis.

Even though catalysis as a subject is taught in a general way within various Master’s programs in France and abroad, it is important that new researchers in catalysis benefit from a training program that is completely focused on this discipline. Only the highest level researchers in catalysis are in a position to provide such specialised training.

Lyon is the only city in France that possesses a centre of excellence for catalysis. This Lyon centre is internationally recognised, with research teams in all domains of catalysis that can provide top quality teaching enriched with practical examples based on their current research.

Our educational team, which is based principally in Lyon, comprises internationally recognised researchers and lecturer-researchers in catalysis who will offer course content addressing all of the most recent developments in their respective sub-disciplines.

Chairwoman of the Organising Comittee